Most controversial Whiskies 2017

It is well and truly 2018 and we have had a cracking year for Whisky, with so many weird and wonderful Whiskies tasted, I think it’s worth going over the most interesting ones we tried this year.

This list is going to contain three Whiskies that were most commented on during our tasting events.

The ONE Whisky:

Well-known and appreciated, we had several people speak warmly about this one. This blend is from the Lakes Distillery. They have taken Single Malts from all around the British Isles and blended them together, creating a smooth, well balanced Whisky.

On the spot Description:

The nose is caramel, nutty, and oak. As for the palate I find it warming and tasty. This has a hint of nearly everything; smoky, nutty, spice, sweet, and even some fruitiness. My opinion – the best all-rounder I’ve tasted; It doesn’t do anything in particular, however what it does do, it does well.


Loch Lomond Single Grain:

We have had an interesting mix of reactions on Loch Lomond’s Single Grain Whisky. One person said it was by far the strangest thing they had ever tasted, another thought it was the true water of life! Nearly everyone who tasted this had something interesting to say about it; both good and bad, one thing everyone agreed on was that it was unique.

This is a no age statement (NAS) Whisky and has been distilled in Coffey stills (continuous distillation) which heavily influences its intriguing flavour.

On the spot Description:

First thing I notice is that the bottle is literally black and non-transparent and yet the Whisky is nearly as light as water in Colour – don’t let this fool you though, the Whisky itself it is full in flavour. The scent is fruity, and distinctly sweet. On the Palate I find toffee, sweetness, hints of acetone, followed by a slightly citrus/floral aftertaste which stops the sweetness from overpowering the palate. I personally find this a brilliant contrast to some of the single malts and will be using more grain Whiskies in the future.


Bowmore 15 year Darkest Single Malt:

This was a very well-received Whisky. The main object of conversation was that it had a pleasant combination of both sherry and smoky characteristics.

This comes from Islay’s oldest distillery, Bowmore’s Darkest has been matured for 12 years, and then had another 3 years to finish in Oloroso sherry casks, which contributes to its flavour and deep colour (with help from some added colouring). It has also been well received online and has been awarded Whisky of the year 2018 by the Whisky Exchange.

On the spot Description:

Sweet on the nose, almost like jam, and raisins. The aroma seems to improve the longer it’s in the glass. An oddly earthy, soil-like flavour initially, Followed by a hint of bitterness and then after tones of sherry and smokiness. A complex Whisky, with a sadly short-lived aftertaste. I highly recommend adding a drop or three of water – this releases the sweetness.

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